Egils Robs 2013 WWYT

From the Race Director of Mind-The-Ducks 12 Hour

I had been there myself (that’s me in the picture above) – I thought I would die from boredom running in circles. But to my surprise – I had a lot more fun than I ever could have imagined! After my first MTD I realized that there is a huge difference between running in circles by yourself during a long training run vs. during a race with many others around you. During a typical ultra marathon it is not uncommon to not see another runner for hours during later stages of the race, but not with MTD-there is always someone just ahead or just behind you usually cheering you on!

Here is what I liked most about MTD:

  1. While this is a 12 hour race, there is no minimum required amount of time to be on the course, nor will you DNF (did not finish) if you do not run the entire 12 hours. One complete lap of the course qualifies you for an official finish. You can run as long or as short as you want, depending on your personal goals.
  2. The next aid station is less than a mile away (so is a potty)!
  3. No heavy hydration packs or hand held water bottles are needed.
  4. There are always runners around you so you never feel alone.
  5. It is easier for your support team.
  6. It is easy to self-support – bring your own cooler, tent, chair, and/or other supplies and set up your personal aid station that you can visit every lap.
  7. You will see the race leaders throughout the race. You will start the race in the same pack with the race leaders, you will see the race leaders throughout the day and you can finish at the same time as the race leaders. You might even have a chance to talk to the race leaders throughout the race. In most other races, the race leaders might have left the finish area before you even cross the finish.
  8. Since the course is on a closed loop – it is safe. You will not be running on roads with traffic or crossing busy intersections.
  9. It is spectator friendly – do you have family or friends who want to see you complete your first marathon or ultra marathon? About one quarter of the course is visible to spectators at any given place on the course (and 4 legged friends are also welcome).
  10. There is no judgement.  Nobody knows if you are on your fifth or fiftieth lap and there are always people there to cheer you on!