Mind The Ducks 12 Hour Race Day

Bib pickup before the race

Unlike before other races, the registered race participants get only bibs before the race. The rest of the goodies are handed out after the race. More about that later on this page.

Schedule for the bib pick-up:

  • Friday night bib pick-up – from 5 PM until 7 PM on Friday, May 6, 2022, at the race’s main aid station. Go to the Lodge in North Ponds Park, 750 Holt Road, Webster, NY 14580, and continue for about 50 yards until you reach the shelter where the race’s aid station will be located on the race day.
  • Race day bib pick-up – from 6 AM until 6:50 AM on Saturday, May 7, 2022 by the Lodge in North Ponds Park, 750 Holt Road, Webster, NY 14580

Packet pickup after the race

Before you leave the race location, and regardless of whether you completed just one lap or one hundred, please stop by the Lodge and pick up the bag of goodies you earned during the race, based on the distance covered at the race. See section ‘Performance awards’ on the Awards page of this website to see what you may bring home after the race based on how many laps you completed at the race.

Race Day Schedule

  • 6:10 AM to 6:50 AM – bib pickup by the North Ponds Lodge
  • 6:50 AM – prerace instructions
  • 7:00 AM – the start of the race
  • 2:00 PM – pizza time
  • 7:00 PM – finish closes
  • 7:10 PM – winners awards

Directions to the Park/Race HQ

  • Official address for the race is North Ponds Park, 750 Holt Road, Webster, NY 14580. It was brought to our attention that some of the navigational units will not lead you to the park but to the Webster Kinder Care instead. If this happens to you, then go to Salvatore’s Old Fashioned Pizzeria on 195 North Ave, Webster, NY 14580. From their parking lot, look south, and you should see a road sign leading to North Ponds Park and follow the road signs. Also, please check the map and how to get to the park before the race.
  • Please note that the only way how to get to the North Ponds Park’s main parking lot is from intersection of 441 and 250. If you are on 441 or 250 look for ‘North Pond Park’ road signs.


2022 race will feature 175 race participants and the main parking lot has only 100 parking spots. This means that some of you may be required to use alternative parking locations. Here is list of parking lots that can be used for the race:

Holiday Inn Express parking lot is reserved for hotel guests only and could be used by race participants that stayed overnight at the hotel.

No single-use cups race.

Starting with 2021, Mind The Ducks will no longer provide single-use cups at the race. Bring your water bottles or cups instead. As a participant, you have an option to refill the water bottles yourself, or you can leave your empty water bottle at the main aid station for race volunteers to fill it up. There will be two tables at the aid station – the drop-off table and the pickup table. The drop-off table will be divided into two labeled sections – one for a sports drink and the second one for the water:

  • Drop your empty water bottle on the section marked for water at the end of one loop, and then pick up a refilled bottle with water at the end of the next loop.
  • Drop your empty water bottle on the section marked for sports drink at the end of one loop, and then pick up a refilled bottle with sports drink at the end of the next loop.

Also, it’s an option to hand your bottle to one of the aid station volunteers and ask them to fill your bottle with your desired beverage served at the aid station.

No outside pacing rule

Official race rules do not allow outside pacing at the Mind The Ducks 12 Hour. It will be enforced for overall female and male contenders and race participants who plan to break national or international endurance records at the race. 

Right of way rule

Race participants are to keep to the left unless passing a slower participant. Please also be respectful to each other and limit running/walking together to no more than two abrest since the course is narrow in certain sections.  In addition, North Ponds park will remain open to public and you may find non-race participants on the course as well.