Mind The Ducks 12 Hour Race Day

Packet pickup

The Barkleys (ultra)Marathoners at Mind The Ducks 12 Hour

Movie that lot of ultra marathoners have seen – The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young – features two Mind The Ducks 12 Hour regular participants – John Fegyveresi and Tim Hardy. John is one of the few in the history of the race who have completed this race.

I am pleased to announce that both John and Tim agreed to share their behind the scenes stories with us.

This event is open to all, not just MTD12Hour participants.

There is $5 charge. You can buy tickets  here https://runsignup.com/Race/Store/NY/Webster/MTD12.

Chris O’Brian, host of Running Inside Out Podcast series, will MC this event. https://www.runninginsideoutpodcast.com, record it as a podcast, possibly as videocast.

Directions to the Park/Race HQ

  • Official address for the race is North Ponds Park, 750 Hold Road, Webster, NY 14580. It was brought to our attention that some of the navigational units will not lead you to the park but to the Webster Kinder Care instead. Please check the map and how to get to the park before the race.
  • Please note that the only way how to get to the North Ponds Park’s main parking lot is from intersection of 441 and 250. If you are on 441 or 250 look for ‘North Pond Park’ road signs.


2019 race will feature 175 race participants where main parking lot features only 100 parking spots. Which means that some of you may be required to use alternative parking locations. Here is list of parking lots that can be used for the race

    • North Ponds Park main parking lot – 100 parking spots (P.S. yes, exactly 100 – we counted)
    • Webster KinderCare on 856 Holt Rd, Webster, NY 14580 – 40 parking spots, about 0.4 miles from the start

Holiday Inn Express parking lot is reserved for hotel guests only and could be used by race participants that stayed overnight at the hotel.

Needless to say that early birds will have the first dibs for the best parking spaces and you risk missing start of the race by arriving 5 minutes before the start because most likely you will need to park further away from the start.

No outside pacing rule

Official race rules do not allow outside pacing at the Mind The Ducks 12 Hour. It is enforced for overall female and male contenders and race participants who plan to break national or international endurance records at the race. Mind The Ducks 12 Hour won’t have enough volunteers to enforce this rule for all other race participants however please be mindful that we will have record number of participants at this year’s race and that it could get tight on the race course with 175 participants all at once on it. Since North Ponds park will remain open to public during the race you may find someone walking and/or running next to you in order to find out what’s going on at the race. In that case please ask them kindly to use grassy area inside of the paved course since the outside area is reserved for passing.

Right of way rule

Just a friendly reminder that all paid race participants have equal right to be at the race regardless of their speed. Regardless of you are supposed to be on the left side of the paved path at all times unless you are passing slower race participant.

With record number of participants this year please avoid running/walking more than two abreast on the east side of the race course where width of the pass is about 6 feet and only single pile in sections where race course is about 4 feet wide.

Race procedures in case of electrical storms

Race director has an obligation not to put runners in situations that could endanger their lives or well being. Therefore in case of electrical storms expect that race could be delayed, shortened, paused. Since electrical storms are relatively short compared to length of the race possibility of race being cancelled completely is very low.

Race director will make that call and race director expects runners to respect his decision regardless if you agree or disagree with his decision. You do not need to wait for race director to call a race if you feel your safety is in danger because of the approaching electrical storm. There is no need to risk your life for extra mile or two.