Registration for 2021 Mind the Ducks 12 hour won’t open until a COVID vaccine (or cure) is available for the general population.

If the vaccine is not available soon enough to host a race on May 8, 2021, then the 2021 race may be postponed for a later date in 2021.

If the 2021 race is postponed, all the deferred registrants will have an option to defer their registration for the 2022 race.

We won’t offer a Virtual Mind The Ducks 12 Hour option in 2021.

Deferred registrations from the 2020 race

Registered participants from the 2020 race who deferred their registration to the 2021 race will be automatically added to the list of registered participants for the 2021 race about a week before registration opens for the 2021 race.

Conditional refund

Your request for a refund will be granted when:

  • there is(are) runner(s) on the waitlist;
  • runner(s) from the waitlist has accepted the invitation to participate in the race.

Email RD at to request a  conditional refund

No transfers to another runner

No deferrals to another year or race