Individual Awards

  • Top Overall Male and Female runner
    • Registration fees will be refunded 100% to overall Male and Female winners.
  • Top Open male and Female runner – up to 39 years old on the race day
  • Top Master Male and Female Runner – from 40 years to 49 years old on the race day
  • Top Veteran Male and Female Runner – from 50 years to 59 years old on the race day
  • Top Super Veteran Male and Female Runner – from 60 years old and up

Team Awards

  • Top all male, all female, and coed team will get a team MTD12 team award.
  • Team may have unlimited number of members.
  • Team’s Top-2 runners distances will be summed up for the team’s score.

Performance Based awards

Every runner, regardless of age and gender can earn performance based awards at Mind-The-Ducks 12 Hour by completing at least one radiational marathon and ultra marathon distances. Performance awards are the following and are cumulative:

  • 26 laps, marathon – MTD12 marathon bumper sticker
  • 31 laps, 50 km – MTD12 travel coffee mug
  • 40 laps, 40 miles – MTD12 40 mile bumper sticker
  • 50 laps, 50 miles – MTD12 hand towel
  • 52 laps, double marathon – MTD12 stainless steel water bottle
  • 62 laps, 100 km – MTD12 lunch cooler
  • 78 laps, triple marathon – free entry into the following year’s race
  • 104 laps, quadruple marathon – free lifetime entry into MTD12

** See 12 hour pace chart for average speeds required to achieve particular performance award

Top-3 All Time-Mileage Leaders

Top-3 All-Time Mileage leaders get a free entry into Mind The Ducks 12 Hour, and they are:

  • Gerrit  Van Loon with 463 miles
  • Deb Patterson with 459 miles
  • Mary Dasilva with 436 miles

Click here the entire list of the mileage leaders at Mind The Ducks 12 Hour.