Scoring for individual participants

  • Run as many laps/miles as you can in 12 hours
  • One lap is 1.01203 long. One lap counts for 1.01203 miles, two laps – 2.02406 miles, ten laps – 10.1203 miles and so on
  • Whoever completes most laps/miles is the winner of the race
  • Only full laps count. No partial laps

Scoring for all male and all female teams

  • Miles/laps of two top runners from each team are added up
  • Team with the best combined miles wins

Scoring for coed teams

  • Team’s top male and top female scores are are added up
  • Team with the best combined miles wins

Race Rules

The following rules are established for safety, fairness and decency. The MTD is intended to be a competitive but also a fun event. No one on the race committee wants to be in the position of policing the runners and the last thing we want is to disqualify (DQ) a runner. Nevertheless, we will enforce the rules.  At the race committee’s discretion, a minor offense, where advantage is not gained, will result in a warning to the runner. Also at the race committee’s discretion, major infractions, or minor ones by runners who have already had one warning, will result in a DQ. Please, please. please follow the rules, and everyone – the runners and those of us on the committee – will be extremely happy.

  • We assume that whether runners are moving fast or slow at any given time, all are trying for their best performance. Thus there is no need to move out of the way for someone who may want to pass. Faster runners should generally assume that they will have to pass slower runners on the outside. The only exception is runners who run together in groups. As noted, registered runners may run together, but if there are more than two abreast (or those walking slowly), please move to the outside of the all-purpose trail to let other runners get by. This rule is to ensure safety and a right of way for everyone.
  • Runners may leave the course at any place or time. They may go where they please for as long as they please. When they re-enter the course, they must do so at the exact point where they left it. To assist the race committee, please tell a volunteer if you are leaving for good, or if you are leaving for an extended period with the intention of returning.
  • Runners cannot run on the grass inside of all purpose trail. Running on grass on outside of the trail is allowed.
  • There are restroom facilities, only use them or you will be disqualified.
  • Headphones are allowed for all competitors. All runners may use them as long as they do not impede anyone else’s progress or anyone’s safety.
  • Pacing is not allowed
  • Aid must be given in the “aid area”; this can include the tent area near the main aid station. Crew members providing aid may not accompany the runners for more than a few steps.

Additional Race Rules for Teams

  • Teams can must have at least two team members
  • Max number of team members is unlimited
  • Co-ed team must have at least one male and one female member.